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We offer customized and comprehensive retail concepts for brick-and-mortar stores as well as online retailers in the bedding industry. We achieve this via a 3-step approach that will help you maximize the success of your store(s), whether you operate online or offline (or both):

Step 1 - A Tailored Product Range

It Starts With The Products

Our goal is to provide you with a retail concept that offers a cohesive and unique product range that aligns with your local target audience and their requirements.

With our extensive list of raw material and component manufacturers in Belgium, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain, we're equipped to take on the heavy lifting for product development. So you can focus on what truly matters - serving your retail clients. Our expertise in raw materials and components will enable you to develop your own quality sleep systems that stand out from the competition and that are tailored to your budget. Products include mattresses, bed frames and accessories exclusively made in Europe.

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Step 2 - Suitable Marketing Collateral

Point Of Sales That Speaks

A successful retail concept (both online and offline) starts with the right products. But that's only half the battle. In order to truly stand out in the competitive world of retail, those products need to be promoted in a way that speaks to your target customers.

Besides the actual product development and manufacturing, we design the marketing collateral that effectively communicates the unique value of your product range.

We develop POS material that is not only clear and professional, but also tailored to your newly developed retail concept. We make sure that a product leaflet, a product label or even an online product description highlights the key selling points that matter most to your clients. We will provide you with the necessary tools that enable you to offer an excellent retail experience to your clients.

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Step 3 - Sales & Product Training

Your Own In-Store Team Of Experts

Once your tailored product range and marketing collateral are ready, we don't just leave you to fend for yourself. Instead, we take a hands-on approach to ensure that you and your sales team have everything you need to succeed. By offering regular sales training, we empower your sales staff with the right tools, knowledge and information they need to effectively promote your products and provide exceptional customer service.

This ensures that your customers are served by professionals who truly know their products inside and out, and can answer any question they may have. And the best part? All of this is included in our after-sales service, without any additional charge. Our success is measured by the success of you, our clients.

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Join our list of customers spanning across Europe and the Asia-Pacific who are benefiting from their own innovative retail concept with products that are tailored to their target segment in their local markets.

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